Health care and other professionals – nurses, physicians, counselors, clergy, chaplains, social workers – are recognizing that end of life concerns are complex and growing in importance. Sacred Dying is able to provide education and consultation in areas of spiritual needs of the dying, the continuum of care, family dynamics, grief and bereavement, and community support. Contact us to learn more about conferences, training, and consultations for professionals.



Dr. Megory Anderson is available as a speaker for professional conferences and trainings. Dr. Anderson can tailor topics to your audience. She has been a keynote speaker, conference presenter, and workshop leader at:

  • Medical conferences
  • Clergy conferences
  • Ethics boards and conferences
  • Hospice and Palliative Care workshops and conferences
  • Professional trainings and continuing education for nurses, social workers, counselors, clergy, and death educators


Interactive Presentation Topics

  • Sacred Dying: Reconciliation, Ritual, & Reverence
  • Religion at the End of Life: Pastoral Care in the 21st Century
  • Sacred Dying: Spirit-filled Care of the Dying
  • Listening to the Dying: Spiritual Needs at the End of Life
  • Dying Well: Death as a Sacred Transition
  • Religion & Medicine: The Sacred Bridge...Where Medicine Meet Spirit at Life's End


  • Introduction to Vigiling and Sacred Presence with the Dying
  • Creating Rituals for the Dying
  • Multi-Cultural, Multi-Faith Traditions or Practices with the Dying
  • The Role of Religious Communities in Caring for our Dying
  • Spiritual Needs at the End of Life
  • The Continuum of Care

Can we help you?

We would love to help you learn more about caring for the dying. Contact The Sacred Dying Foundation to connect with Dr. Megory Anderson and book her for your next event.