Thank you for visiting the Sacred Dying website. We are in a time of reflection and transition. Our founder, Dr. Megory Anderson, died January 17, 2019, after suffering a stroke several weeks earlier. Megory died with grace & peace, in the company of those sitting vigil.

Our hearts are heavy as we adjust to the loss of this most precious teacher and friend. She inspired so many. Our plan is to continue her work, and we are in the process of determining how best to protect the integrity of her legacy while doing all we can to share the wisdom and compassion in her life’s work.

Welcome to Sacred Dying Foundation

At the time of death, each person must face the extraordinary journey from this life to the next; there is no need to do this alone.  Sacred Dying Foundation transforms the end of life by equipping individuals and communities to companion their dying. 

Learn how we can help you bring this sacred act of vigiling into your community, your institution, your family.

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Who We Work With

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10 Tips to Vigil & Establish Sacred Presence

Sacred Dying has developed 10 simple suggestions for families and loved ones to help you in the vigiling process. From setting up the space to keeping a peaceful presence, these suggestions will be invaluable as you prepare to be present with those who are dying. 

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Help those you care for embrace the mysterious and wondrous process at the end of life.

The Sacred Dying Journal empowers those at the end of their lives and their loved ones to prepare for life's final stages. This unique interactive journal encourages thoughtful reflection and leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery.

This book would be a wonderful gift to anyone facing terminal illness, and for their spouse or loved ones.