Dr. Megory Anderson is the author of three highly acclaimed books about Sacred Dying. These books explain the philosophy of Sacred Dying and provide an introduction to vigiling for both professionals and families.


Sacred Dying Journal


Help those you care for embrace the mysterious and wondrous process at the end of life.

By Megory Anderson, published by Paraclete Press, 2017.

The Sacred Dying Journal empowers those at the end of their lives and their loved ones to prepare for life's final stages. This unique interactive journal encourages thoughtful reflection and leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery.

Consider having in your office to hand to anyone facing terminal illness, or to use with any small group that is interested in facing end of life issues for themselves and their loved ones. 


Sacred Dying:  Creating Rituals for Embracing the End of Life

By Megory Anderson, Paperback edition published by Perseus Press, 2003.
Death may be inevitable, but dying alone or in fear does not have to be. Sacred Dying is theologian Megory Anderson’s essential testimonial and handbook for creating a dignified, peaceful, and more sacred end to life. Anderson shows how to use personalized and creative rituals to help those dying prepare for their death and to bring a sense of peace, reconciliation, and acceptance both to themselves and to the loved ones they leave behind. She discusses all aspects of this final transition, including how to help a dying person put “unfinished business” to rest; using massage to help the dying let go of his or her body; and how to use music to help the dying focus on specific times, places, or events. Also included – new to this first paperback edition – is a chapter on what can be done after death, to help move the soul along. Intended for those who are going through the death of a loved one as well as those facing death personally, Sacred Dying facilitates creating a setting where death is experienced as it should be: with honor, respect, and sacredness.


The soul knows what it needs, and a major part of spiritual care is to pay close attention to the deep desires of those who are dying, even if those wishes are plain and apparently insignificant…

Megory Anderson covers most of the difficult questions associated with the act of dying and attendant care, and her recommendations are intelligent, inventive, and mercifully humane.
— Thomas More from the foreword to Sacred Dying

Attending the Dying:  A Handbook of Practical Guidelines

By Megory Anderson, Morehouse Publishing, 2005
This practical and concise handbook provides a brief overview of what to expect and how to respond when people are at life’s end. “Attending the Dying” can be used by people of any – or no – faith tradition, and will be useful for chaplains, social workers, hospital care workers, and friends and family of the dying.