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Become a Sacred Dying Foundation Partner

We are looking for communities that want to showcase the Sacred Dying Vigiling program. Are you:

  • A church or temple?
  • A hospice?
  • A nursing home?
  • A hospital?
  • A Religious Order?

Do you want to begin a program that honors your dying?

Become a "Sacred Dying Partner" and we will showcase your community of care so that others might learn from you. This work is expanding, and people want to see how others have started this journey. Join us as we teach vigilers in every village. Help us show the way.


Why Partner?

Partnering is creating Community. We want to help you care for your dying. We want to create a network of Communities that learn and grow together. 

The only requirement is that you have implemented the Sacred Dying Vigil Training in your Institution, whether it be a hospital, hospice, faith community, or nursing home. Did you train your volunteers yourself? Your institution needs to be registered by us. Did Sacred Dying train you? You are already registered.


Benefits for you

1. Once you are registered, you are already part of our Partnership. You will receive monthly newsletters from us with reflections on vigiling, tips, and current end of life information.

2. You will receive a Certificate of Care.

3. You will have online access to our Sharing Page, where you can meet other vigilers.

4. You will be showcased for your program. People want to see models of care as they begin their own vigiling programs.

5. You will have 2 hours of free one-on-one consulting time with Sacred Dying. This will be invaluable as you start your program.

6. Support. Community. Learning as you serve.


How Do I Register?

1. For those who have been trained by Sacred Dying trainers, your first year's membership fee is waived. You are already registered.

2. For those who have NOT been trained by Sacred Dying trainers, but have used the Vigil Training independently, the yearly membership fee is $250.00. Please contact us and we will send you the registration forms.