Online Vigil Training

Available immediately on demand: Purchase today! Our Vigil Training delivers 15 years of experience in time-tested teaching modules presented for the first time in an online, on-demand format. Vigil Training by Sacred Dying Foundation will prepare you to facilitate a calm, gracious, and spiritual presence in the midst of the confusion and uncertainty that can accompany death. Our Vigil Training is a comprehensive, dynamic, interactive e-learning training product. Previously available 

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Sacred Dying Philosophy

Online Vigil Training was created by Sacred Dying Foundation . . .  but what is Sacred Dying?

The Sacred Dying Philosophy is concerned with bringing spirituality, through presence and ritual, into the physical act of dying. Sacred Dying facilitates the creation of a setting where death is experienced with honor, respect, and sacredness. This can be as simple as being present with a loved member of your family and as complicated as transforming the vision of our entire society. It is a proven approach to providing spiritual aid to the dying and their loved ones.

Sacred Dying involves both the body and the soul in the greatest transition we are ever called upon to make.

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The Need for Sacred Dying

In Western society, many people have lost touch with the spiritual aspect of death and dying. Medicine and technology, while valiantly saving lives, treat death as a failure or an embarrassment. How can the dying reclaim grace and dignity for themselves? How do we refocus attention on the profound spiritual experience that is fundamental to the end-of-life process?

These are the questions that the Sacred Dying Foundation is devoted to answering.

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